When does Condensation become a Problem?

Condensation is something we are all familiar with. Most of the time it is not something to worry about. However sometimes it is a problem.

1) It gives rise to black mould, because the spores of black mould can cause damage to your health. At risk are young children, the elderly and people who suffer from asthma.

2) It causes your wooden window frames to rot. This can happen with heavy condensation if it is not wiped down regularly.

3) It is caused by an underlying damp problem. A problem such as rising damp or penetrative damp.


If you’ve spotted any of these problems in your home or recognise the signs of rising or penetrative damp we recommend you get in touch with us immediately 01702 813 401.

Managing Condensation

1) Wipe down your window frames and windows each morning. This is even more important if your windows are timber framed, as this will prevent them from rotting. Remember to wring out the cloth you use when you are finish. And not to dry it on a radiator as this will cause more condensation

2) Put sponge strips inside your window frames. This is to catch and absorb the moisture as it falls.

3) Use a dehumidifier. They are expensive to run but are effective.


Remember these DIY methods of managing condensation are not sustainable in the long term. To fix the root of the problem you will need a professional damp specialist. Call us on 01702 813 401.


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