Rising Damp


What is Rising Damp?

Rising damp is when moisture ascends through the walls of your home. This is caused by capillary action. The moisture has a high concentration of soluble salts. This means when the rising damp evaporate the salts are left behind in the brickwork, woodwork or plasterwork of your home. This causes the rising damp problem to be aggravated further by drawing further moisture from the air.

These salts can stay in your brickwork, woodwork or plasterwork even after the original cause of your rising damp problem has been rectified. To eliminate the chances of continued rising damp problems, specialist plastering is essential.

Potential Problems from Rising Damp

Rising damp has the potential to cause serious problems. This is because it affects the base of the ground floor walls of your home. This can weaken their structural capabilities. The strength of timber, masonry and plaster may be reduced due to being wet, or after infestation with insects, wet rot or dry rot. Additionally, continuously damp conditions encourage the growth of fungi. If you inhale their spores you could damage your health.

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Mr and Mrs Howard, Southend, Essex

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Angela E, Thorpe Bay, Essex

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