Dry Rot


How do you Identify Dry Rot?

Dry rot can spread throughout your home and cause widespread damage. However it is sometimes difficult to tell identify if your property is suffering from dry rot or some other type of rot. Here are some ways to help you make this identification.

1) Mycelium Growth

Mycelium growth will appear as a cotton wool like substance. It is possible this mycelium can grow through buildings as it searches for more wood to feed off.

2) Affected Wood

As dry rot sucks the moisture from wood. A good place to look it at the wood you think is affected. If dry rot is present the wood will be dried and out and shrunk. It is also likely the wood will be brittle.

3) Dry Rot Smell

The most common symptom of dry rot is the presence of a damp, musty and fungal smell. This smell does not always mean there is a dry rot issue. But would indicate there is an issue with dampness. And dampness can lead to dry rot issue in the future.

4) Fruiting Body

The fruiting body is easily identifiable due to its pizza like appearance. Most of these round-shaped fruiting bodies are a rusty red colour (the spores) with the outer parts of this growth being a lighter white colour. The spore dust from these fruiting bodies can be an early indication that dry rot is present in your property.

5) Dry Rot or Wet Rot?

The indications of a dry rot attack and wet rot outbreak are very similar. Making the correct identification is essential. A dry rot attack normally has far more serious consequences and needs to be treated immediately.

Dry rot can cause widespread structural damage. If you suspect your property is suffering from dry rot get in touch with us immediately 01702 813 401.


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