Penetrative Damp


What is Penetrating Damp?

Penetrating Damp is rain penetration into masonry and it can affect any type of building regardless of its age.

The most obvious type of penetrating damp, is when it penetrates straight through a wall. You can see a damp patch left on the wall. This damp often causes peeling or flaking as well as discolouration.

Rainwater penetration can cause problems to a property even if it does not penetrate the whole way through a wall. It can cause a range of problems such as heat loss, frost damage and moss growth.

In a lot of cases rain penetration is caused by poorly maintained or fitted building details. Such as blocked drainpipes or poorly fitted guttering.

With problems like this the penetrating damp is usually easily fixed by fixing the problem.

However, in other situations the rain penetration can be caused by the masonry wall not being watertight enough to withstand the weather conditions in the area.

A lot of the time the masonry wall can become more watertight by using external rendering, weatherproof paints or cladding. Of course, these treatments will change the appearance of the masonry.

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